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Bufigen Nalbuphine - used in surgical and obstetric practice before or after surgery, as well as during and after childbirth. If the drug is administered during labor, the fetus may develop respiratory depression. Introduction - injectionly. Nalbuphine belongs to the group of opioid analgesics that act on the kappa and mu receptors. Blocks pain signals at different levels of the central nervous system. With intravenous administration, the analgesic effect occurs within a few minutes, with intramuscular - within 10-15 minutes. The drug also has a sedative effect, inhibits reflex activity, activates the vomiting center, affects the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. At observance of a therapeutic dosage and frequency, does not cause a drug addiction. You may buy Bufigen without a prescription. The price already includes a confirmation and a prescription for an independent doctor. Our Mexican pharmacy is a safe place to buy effective and inexpensive drugs online. Contraindications

Substance: NALBUPHINE 

Presentation: Ampoules

Units: 5 Ampoules

Route of Administration: Injection route